Taking the advantage of Ecotourism in st barths

The importance of ecotourism cannot be ignored in ST Barths. For some countries, this is the only way to generate significant foreign dollars. However, ecotourism is still much more than a positive financial balance at the end of the season.

What does ecotourism mean?

Ecotourism favorably combines the needs of two different groups: those who want to see exotic and exciting sites and those who want to preserve some unique areas. As you can imagine, ecotourism has several forms. Generally, this can be done if you take a rental car in st barths and visit areas with a unique ecosystem. Once you get to the site, the idea is to leave a small footprint. The facilities, tours, and interaction with the respective habitat are designed to provide an educational experience while keeping the human impact on the habitat to a minimum.


Another aspect of ecotourism that occurs often is sustainability. It often appears that the sensitive area is also home to human populations that need to exploit the area to live. In such cases, one of the goals of ecotourism is to create a business alternative to be invested by tourists in the local economy. In such a situation, it is a win-win outcome.

Be on the same side

The fact that there are some objectives addressed by properly managed ecotourism does not mean that these objectives conflict with each other. Those who are dedicated to ecotourism are often very interested in preserving the ecosystems to which they take a rental car in st barths and visit. A percentage of your costs goes to pay for park facilities, rangers, and local labour. By providing employment opportunities to residents, ecotourism reduces the attractiveness of the “harvest” of areas as a way of life.

Why does conservation matter?

Saving wilderness areas around the world is important for many reasons. Apart from the apparent value for the sustainability of animal and plant populations for future generations, several important drugs and medicines have been found in these ecosystems. It is believed that many of those discoveries lie ahead.

In your backyard

You don’t have to travel the world to go on an African safari, experience the rainforest, or even snorkel the Great Barrier Reef to experience ecotourism. There are many places spread all over the planet, where people can enjoy exploring a unique environment. Texas offers opportunities to visit immigration routes, and the bison reserves in Montana and Alaska are open to a wide and varied range.

Look for these criteria

Unfortunately, as with any growing business, ecotourism has its share of scammers. Be sure to check out any package for some basics. Facilities should recycle and reuse as much as possible. Filtered water should be provided instead of bottled water. Bedding and towels should be changed infrequently and food should focus on local produce, with an emphasis on organic.

Why it is essential?

Ecotourism may not only be supposed to lower environmental impact than common tourism, but it also has the power to enhance the social, cultural and economic well-being of tourist destinations and local communities around the world. If we introduce unspoiled natural environments, aren’t we also creating missionaries for conservation? If we educate local communities, aren’t we creating a new support network for them?