Top 3 Secret Spots to Relax and Chill in Texas

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Texas is vast, and geographically, it 695,662 square kilometers. It is the home to alluring breathtaking mountain ranges, picturesque beaches, diverse rivers, and lakes. It is full of outstanding and fascinating destinations with massive skyscrapers, incredible crowds, and unique adventures. It won’t be an exaggeration if we say exploring all of it would take months or maybe years. 

It should come as no surprise that the lone star state is full of hidden gems, just waiting to be explored because they are so pure and beautiful as not many people know about them. 



Find below texas’s lesser-known elusive spots to relax in tranquility and peace.

1. Gorman Falls 

The Gorman Fall’s height is 65 feet. The hiking distance is three miles. The round trip location is at Colorado Bend State Park. The Gorman Falls is the cascading waterfalls, and it’s unique in Texas with amazing and beautiful views. 

It is so serene and peaceful that they look like a scene straight out of a Jurassic park series. The terrain is extremely rocky and some parts are super slippery but worth the trip craving for Hawaii feels.

2. Kraus Springs 

The size of Kraus Springs is 115 acres. The hiking distance is three miles. The location is at Cypress Creek near Spicewood, Texas. Are you looking for an utterly surreal place with amiable people and a beautiful landscape?

Look no more as Kraus Springs are the gods’ gift to Texas. The 115-acre property has 32 human-made springs pool and a natural pool that flows into Lake Travis. The pools are surrounded by some thousand-year-old Cypress trees and white rocks. The jade-green waters are the emblem that not many people know about this beauty.

3. West Cave Preserve Round Mountain

You won’t believe you’re in texas once you’ve reached there. This oasis in the middle of Texas Hill Country is really a treat to the eyes. It is an incredible place and ideal for a day trip.

Do you have a co-worker and a neighbor who constantly rants about Texas being all dry and flat? A visit to West Cave Preserve in the Texas Hill Country would certainly prove otherwise. If you appreciate nature and conservation, this place is definitely for you.