The guide of all the resorts of Meribel

Are you looking for a thrilling Skiing adventure? Traveling to Meribel in France is a trip of a lifetime. Dreams of skiing in there will come true if you take the first step. This adventure reveals places to meet new people, exercise, and sports to perform. Do jumps and freestyle skiing, relax, and be entertained in the bars and restaurants. Discover Meribel and create unforgettable memories for you and your group.

Meribel Rental

Meribel shares a border with the Vanoise National Park. Meribel is to the east of Chambery and south of Albertville. It is an esteemed ski station in France and stays true to its natural surroundings. Development of the place has not stopped since World War II ended, and it keeps attracting tourists.

Meribel Ski Resort

Many villages make up the Meribel Ski resort. They include Meribel Centre, Meribel-Les Hauts and Meribel-Mottaret, and Les Allues. These Meribel villages jointly have skiing slopes of about 1,900 to 2,900 high.

Those resorts are among the most visited skiing France alpine resort; visit the website to learn more.

  • Meribel Centre is equipped with modern amenities and is a tourist destination,
  • Meribel-Les Hauts is in an enchanting site overlooking the central resort.
  • Meribel Village is a conventional Village

Meribel-Mottaret provides a gateway to the highest slopes and nearby ski stations in Trois Vallées domaine.

Building Design in the Meribel Village

Meribel is a developing ski resort, unlike the heavily developed ski locations. Meribel Aphine village’s look is still intact. The resort’s buildings have local architectural designs of that area.

Developers built them with wood and stone instead of the prevalent cement tall apartment blocks on some Alpine resorts. Those building layouts make the Meribel resort stretch out to your view more than other resorts in the mountainous area.

Why Meribel Is a Popular Ski Site

Most of the building and amenities in Meribel continue to entice more tourists than the other skiing resorts in this mountainous area of France. Also, major skiing groups prefer the Meribel Skiing site and visit it during the Christmas season till April. Again, due to how colorful Meribel is, it has become the leading high-end ski resort in the Alps.

Facilities to Enjoy at Meribel

Facilities you can enjoy include cable cars and ski lifts for conveying tourist visitors to different levels of skiing. There are diverse snow sports activities such as snowboarding, ice skating, snowmobiles, hang gliding, and ice climbing. There is a moonpark in Meribel and a snowpark in Meribel-Mottaret. Both are for jumps and freestyle skiing.

Relaxation Facilities for All Ages

After skiing, move on to leisure facilities and relax in saunas, fitness centers, and Jacuzzis. There are stores, boutiques, bars, and restaurants for eating, drinking, and entertainment until nighttime. Children also have fun at Meribel. They created facilities for children of different ages. Under two-year-old children have clubs that cater to their needs.

Impressive Ski Resorts Near Meribel

Meribel and the nearby Courchevel and Val Thoren constitute a Ski area called Les Trois Vallée in that mountain region. After touring Meribel, visit the nearby ski resorts.

  • Courchevel: This ski resort is inside the “Three Valleys area,” with mountains
  • Val Thorens: This resort is at a high altitude and provides an extended season for more skiing than other resorts
  • Les Arcs: This zone is around Bourg-Saint-Maurice in the Paradiski ski area and is an attractive place to ski

As for Tignes, there are many smaller interlinked villages from the Tignes Ski resort.