How to find lost or stolen items ?

When we are on the move, we may lose, forget or have important items stolen. This can happen in a taxi, on a train, on a plane, on a bus, or simply in any public place. If it isn’t an important item, then you may not need to find it. However, if it is a very expensive item, an item with sentimental value, an important document for your work or studies, then the situation is different. It is necessary to find the missing valuable as soon as possible. Indeed, the longer you delay, the more your chances of finding it will diminish. So, what are the solutions for finding your lost or stolen items ? We will provide the answer to you in this article

Using a lost property search service

Indeed, there are services that specialise in finding lost or stolen items. For example, is an online service that can operate in over 30 countries. They can help you find any type of object: keys, credit card, driving license, book, smartphone, briefcase, luggage…

These services will put you in contact with transport companies, hotels, restaurants, businesses managing public places… To do this, they provide you with addresses, telephone numbers, websites, pages dedicated to lost objects or opening and closing hours. For example, can provide to you the service of lost and found in Houston (TX) .

They can contact the managers of these companies on your behalf. And of course, these lost property services will also help you with the procedures for reporting lost items. And finally, they can take care of sending the lost items to your home. Thus, platforms like will be of great help if you were just passing through the city where you lost your valuables.

Locating connected objects

It is important to know that every connected object (Smartphone, Smartwatch, computer, game console) has its own identification number. This identification number is called an IP address. If you remember the IP address of your device, all you have to do is submit the number to a specialised site and you will be able to locate the device or at least its last location.

Note that the tracking by IP address will only tell you the city in which the device is located. To get a more precise location, you will need the help of the police. That being said, you can still obtain the precise location of the device via the service of its operating system. For example, for Windows, you need to access your Microsoft Account. For Apple products, you can use the “Find My” application. Of course, to get the real-time location of the device, it must be connected to the internet.

Making the reverse path

When you lose something, the first thing to do is to retrace your steps in the opposite direction. You must go back to places such as public benches, parks, restaurants, libraries and shops where you have spent time. You should then ask the people in charge and people near the places mentioned above. Ideally, you should do this procedure as soon as possible.