Terri Shipshock

In 2005 I traveled from Northern Wisconsin to McCook to interview for the position of Executive Director of Community Hospital Health Foundation. I wasn’t particularly excited about the position; I had never heard of McCook, Nebr. On the other hand, I had lived in Bellevue and Lincoln for 11 years, where our children attended school and college. We also have good friends who live in Papillion, so returning to Nebraska wasn’t out of the question. 

I also had an interview at the University of Colorado in Boulder, and was leaning in that direction until I spent time in McCook. My husband and I were warmly welcomed at the motel where reservations had been made for us in advance. As I entered the hospital the next morning, no less than three people asked me if they could help. The facility was spotless and full of smiling faces. The positive experience continued through the interview, which was conducted with the utmost professionalism, and I was later given a tour of the community and a sneak preview of available homes.

Compare that with my experience in Colorado, beginning with stalled traffic between Denver and Boulder. Parking was difficult to find, and I worried that the car would still be there when I returned. Finding the correct location was a challenge, and when I did I was on my own. No one offered to help and those I asked met me with blank stares. The interview process was negative, too. The final blow was a prearranged tour with a local real estate agent, with $500,000 “fixer upper” homes.

So the decision was made. I could not see myself stuck in traffic, living in a house that made me mortgage poor, and working for an organization that was too large to be personal. I have never looked back and I have never been sorry. In McCook I can make a difference. I can be a part of something meaningful and I work for an organization that encourages freethinking and teamwork. I highly recommend this place!!

Terri Shipshock, Executive Director
Community Hospital Health Foundation